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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Buffalo Grove – Ottenheimer Law Group

For business owners who want to keep their doors open rather than liquidate in the face of unmanageable debt, Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers an opportunity to do so. Proceedings under Chapter 11 are “reorganization” bankruptcies that allow owners to maintain control, management and, operation of their business while restructuring their debts and other obligations.

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers at Ottenheimer Law Group work closely with businesses throughout Chicagoland to shepherd them through the process. No matter a company’s size, industry, or debt load, we help develop and implement realistic and prudent plans that provide them with needed breathing room and the opportunity to regain stability and return to profitability.

What Can Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Accomplish For Business Owners?

Chapter 11 is an attractive option for many business owners not only because it provides them with a path to continued post-bankruptcy viability, but also because of several other benefits. Filing of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can:

  • Stop collection efforts and lawsuits
  • Improve cash flow
  • Allow the debtor to reject burdensome leases and other contracts
  • Reduce debt
  • Protect employees
  • Pay past-due taxes
  • Facilitate new financing and loans
  • Keep owners in control of their business during and after the proceedings
Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Petition

If Debt Has Overwhelmed Your Business, Speak With A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

Chapter 11 bankruptcy may not be an available, suitable, or optimal choice for business owners struggling under a burdensome debt load. At Ottenheimer Law Group, our Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys explore all potential options to develop strategies designed to help companies emerge from debt in a way that aligns with their capabilities and objectives.

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